Leadership Development

Company culture eats strategy for breakfast - Together with your leadership team, we work out a common understanding & strong foundation for future challenges. Learn more ->

Executive Coaching

We offer different formats (coaching, shadowing & team feedback)  for executives & managers to support personal, authentic growth. Learn more -> 


We offer tailored training formats for your leaders and your teams to communicate better in less time. We focus on short, regular sessions.
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Online: Blended Learning

We support our offline trainings with online solutions to facilitate further learning, self reflexction & implementation.
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The Methods


A selection of some of the methods used in our courses:


  • Leadership analyses
  • SMART goals criteria (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) & OKRs
  • Four-sides-model (Schulz von Thun) 
  • Non-violent communication (Rosenberg)
  • Network analyses
  • Negotiation with hardvard concept &BATNA
  • Roles in teams (Lennart Ollars)
  • Team development (GRPI - goals, responsibilities, processes, interpersonal relationships)
  • Values / spiral dynamics (Clare Graves)
  • 2-factor theory (Herzberg)
  • Situational leadership theory (Hersey & Blanchard)
  • X&Y theory
  • Empowerment, positive pedagogy & psychology
  • Performance management vs. gamification
  • Time management & prioritisation (ABS analysis)
  • Prioritisation (Eisenhower) 
  • Time management (Pomodoro)
  • Self-management GTD (Allen)