Conquering Your Office Space

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Your office is one of the places that you spend most of your time at. It should be a place where you feel comfortable to go to - maybe even look forward too. From my perspective, this is achieved when you enjoy your team & your office space.

Studies have shown that people are more productive in nice office spaces and they take more ownership for their office, if they have been involved into designing it. Especially when you are a small team, this is your opportunity to involve your team and take a day of two for some team building activities. On top of that, you can do really great things on a small budget.

So how to go about?

Designing your office together will best be done by all of you as a team - hence, you need a Kickoff Workshop! This is your agenda:

  1. Think about your jobs to be done:

    1. What jobs does your office have to do?

  2. Align your office ideas with the JTBD

  3. Double check how your ideas go along with

    1. your vision

    2. your mission

    3. your values and

    4. your brand.

  4. Agree on colors

  5. Agree on how to divide the rooms / areas within your one room:

    1. Where to sit

    2. where to meet

    3. where to chill

    4. where to deep work

  6. Split up tasks / rooms and assign DRI-Teams*

*DRI: Direct Responsible Individual

JTBD: Jobs To Be Done

You probably know the jobs to be done framework and you might as well use it for your office. What is it, that you want to achieve in your office? Take into consideration how you best work together, who needs to talk to each other a lot and when - is this best achieved by talking over the table or spending time in a meeting room / brainstorming area. Does your work require deep work, spaces to think and be creative, spaces to have wild discussions with more than two people etc. Get creative! Also take into consideration what room could best be used for what: some rooms are louder, hotter, colder, windier etc. than other.

Align your ideas with your JTBD

Then brainstorm what you want for your office and check which of the ideas match your jobs to be done. Assign scores to your ideas and pick the winners.

Iterate your ideas and double check if they match your vision, mission and values. If one of your values is respect you should e.g. enable your team members to talk to each other without disturbing others - let’s say because you have enough meeting space.

After assigning teams for each room, set another date for when to agree on what to do for each room. And last but not least, decide when to implement it and who is taking over what. When we did our office, we had one person create a list with all the items that needed to be done, so everyone could individually go back to that list to check what to start next.

Enjoy your office building days and post some pics how it turned out!

And of course, if you need some ideas for inspiration: let me google that for you:

Here Here Here