DIY Workshop
'Developing A Feedback Team Culture'


If your team members are able to to give constructive and also critical feedback but simply don't do it, the problem might lie in your feedback culture!

With our ready-to-go workshop you are able to easily deal with these challenges and talk about them within your team. 

In this workshop package you'll receive:

  • all needed materials & agendas

  • video instructions

  • exercise instructions

  • e-mail templates

159 € inkl. MwSt.

With an investment of 99€ you save three days of work in which you'd normally search for a trainer or structure the workshop yourself. Here you neither need a trainer nor work out the agenda yourself, you can simply go with all our prepared materials. 


Your Benefits

Keine Vorbereitung

no Preperation

You receive the completed workshop concept, worked out exercises and templates you can use right away. To cut it short - you have everything you need in order to start the workshop on the spot! 

DIY Workshop Feedbackkultur ohne Trainer*in

without a trainer

You'll stay within your team and can talk about the topics whenever you like and whenever it fits to your agenda. You're flexible and independent and can directly start working. 

Feedback Workshop.jpg

sustainable usage 

Once bought you may use the course as often as you like - for another team or if your circumstances simply changed. 

Your DIY - Workshop - Package

We give you all needed tools in order to moderate a Workshop with the topic "Improving your Feedback Culture within your Team" yourself, without spending hours on preparation and research on input.

Completed workshop

You receive a complete Workshop which is ready to use. You don't need to invest time on choosing methods, development of concepts or other preparations as we put together all materials in order to be able to start right away. Depending on how secure you feel with your role as a moderator you should shedule about 10 minutes preparation time before each meeting to see what will happen within the next 90 minutes. 


You receive four complete agendas for four 90 to 60- minute parts as well as one long agenda for one single workshop meeting, so you may decide in which way you would like to hold the workshop. Every exercise and all materials are described in detail.


All exercises you'll do with the attendees are explained in detail. And all needed extra material such as working sheets are attached as well. 

Email templates

In order to organize the workshop you need to invite your team. For the whole communication around this workshop we worked out templates you may use as well. 


We put together all material in a good overview on our online platform for you. In short video sequences Lucy explains what exactly needs to be done during the single parts, how you perform as a moderator and how the whole agenda is structured. That's why you are perfectly briefed and can start right away! 


Have fun!