Rebekka Esther Frank

Rebekka is a certified trainer for body attention and perception. She supports her clients in paying closer attention to the signals and “words” of their bodies. That way, it’s possible to channel their energy to one focus spot and hence, achieve goals that seemed to be out of reach before. 



Skills & Qualifications

  • Rebekka mainly supports the following areas with personal body attention training:
    • Stress & Burnout
    • Anxiety & panic attacks
    • Physical pain
    • Physical and emotional trauma
  • Support for physical and emotional self-awareness
  • Development and implementation of activity-workshops as a measurement of workplace health management  
  • Languages: English, German, Spanish
  • Diploma in economics, Grinberg Method practitioner, member IAGMP (international association of Grinberg method practitioners)



Since 2015



Trainer for body awareness with Grinberg method

External advisor in the area of energy

Ecological researcher