Friederike Euwens

Friederike reveals connections and dynamics in organizational systems. She identifies the set screws that initiate movements within the systems and supports change processes. She is a science lover who puts the latest findings into practice. 


Competencies & Qualifications

  • Process consulting for companies on their way to agile and self-organized workstyles
  • Conception and realization of trainings and workshops of new work competencies such as decision-,aking, self-management, effectuation, conflict competencies and communication
  • Large group interventions like open space, worl café and appreciative inquiry
  • Expertise: self-organization, change management, effectuation
  • Languages: German, English, Dutch
  • BSc. Psychology, M.Sc. Organizational Psychology,
    Behavioral and Communication Trainer certified by Artop-Institut Berlin






Seit 2009

Country Manager Recruiting Benelux im Energiekonzern

Verschiedene Projekte im Bereich Change Management, Mitarbeiterbindung, Qualitätsmanagement, Gesundheitsberatung und Einführung von Selbstorganisation

Fachliche Leitung eines Beratungsprojektes im Gesundheitswesen

Mitarbeit in diversen Unternehmenskontexten – von Selbstorganisation im Remote Team zu steilen Hierarchien: Konzern, Einzelhandel, Beratung, Verein und Stiftung