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For individuals, we offer coachings and mediations. Our focus topics are career development, decision making, stress and time management. 

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For Organizations

We offer executive coaching, leadership team development and communication trainings. 

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We Are New-Work Experts

AllesRoger is your partner for work innovation. We help organizations create frameworks that adapt to the 21st century employee lifestyle. Have you heard of the 4-day work week, bottom-up management and work-life balance? We take out the myth out of these buzz words and help you create methods that improve the productivity and well being of your team.

What Is New Work

New work relies on employees that are self-determined, participate and take educated decisions.
New Work combines all methods that will lead to a more productive and satisfying working world.
Clear structures and processes foster innovative thinking, cooperation and facilitate being creative.
Not only generation Y becomes more engaged - all of your employees benefit.
Finding and retaining new team members becomes easier.
If your employees love what they are doing, productivity can increase by up to 40%.

Leadership Development

Company culture eats strategy for breakfast - Together with your leadership team, we work out a common understanding & strong foundation for future challenges. Learn more ->

Executive Coaching

We offer different formats (coaching, shadowing & team feedback)  for executives & managers to support personal, authentic growth. Learn more -> 


We offer tailored training formats for your leaders and your teams to communicate better in less time. We focus on short, regular sessions.
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Online: Blended Learning

We support our offline trainings with online solutions to facilitate further learning, self reflexction & implementation.
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The Methods


A selection of some of the methods used in our courses:


  • Leadership analyses
  • SMART goals criteria (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) & OKRs
  • Four-sides-model (Schulz von Thun) 
  • Non-violent communication (Rosenberg)
  • Network analyses
  • Negotiation with hardvard concept &BATNA
  • Roles in teams (Lennart Ollars)
  • Team development (GRPI - goals, responsibilities, processes, interpersonal relationships)
  • Values / spiral dynamics (Clare Graves)
  • 2-factor theory (Herzberg)
  • Situational leadership theory (Hersey & Blanchard)
  • X&Y theory
  • Empowerment, positive pedagogy & psychology
  • Performance management vs. gamification
  • Time management & prioritisation (ABS analysis)
  • Prioritisation (Eisenhower) 
  • Time management (Pomodoro)
  • Self-management GTD (Allen)