Lea Böhm

Lea is considered a pioneer of new work and implementing it into company cultures. She guided countless companies on their way to a better culture, focussing particularly on leadership and team development.


Skills & Qualifications

  • Conceptualization of new methodologies in collaborative leadership and team development (do-it-yourself workshops)
  • Development and implementation of new work methods and techniques at various companies (leaders as team manager, team building with remote teams, development of vision statements, intrinsic motivation)
  • Designing and building employer brands, development of employer value propositions
  • Implementation and evaluation of team and team lead analyses
  • Expertise in startups, digitalization, new work
  • Languages : English, German


  • Degree in economics, sociology and politics
    Certified mediator
    Certified coach
    Member of the dvct (german association for coaches and trainers)



Since 2015

Since 2015

Since 2015


Since 2006

Founder of AllesRoger - business and product development for a digital leadership mentor                        

Chairman HR Startups at BVDS (association german startups)

CEO of BLS Venture Capital

Build-up HR department, team building, team development and the strategic planning of employer brand in young technology company

Responsible for finance and funding in various companies



Friederike Euwens

Friederike reveals connections and dynamics in organizational systems. She identifies the set screws that initiate movements within the systems and supports change processes. She is a science lover who puts the latest findings into practice. 


Competencies & Qualifications

  • Process consulting for companies on their way to agile and self-organized workstyles
  • Conception and realization of trainings and workshops of new work competencies such as decision-,aking, self-management, effectuation, conflict competencies and communication
  • Large group interventions like open space, worl café and appreciative inquiry
  • Expertise: self-organization, change management, effectuation
  • Languages: German, English, Dutch
  • BSc. Psychology, M.Sc. Organizational Psychology,
    Behavioral and Communication Trainer certified by Artop-Institut Berlin






Seit 2009

Country Manager Recruiting Benelux im Energiekonzern

Verschiedene Projekte im Bereich Change Management, Mitarbeiterbindung, Qualitätsmanagement, Gesundheitsberatung und Einführung von Selbstorganisation

Fachliche Leitung eines Beratungsprojektes im Gesundheitswesen

Mitarbeit in diversen Unternehmenskontexten – von Selbstorganisation im Remote Team zu steilen Hierarchien: Konzern, Einzelhandel, Beratung, Verein und Stiftung


Lucy Jo Fitz

Lucy brings along the necessary drive in order to optimize team cultures. With endless energy she is accompanying and connecting diverse teams on their way to a better feedback culture in an international context. 


Skills & Qualifications

  • Conception and realization of intercultural trainings and strategy workshops 

  • Execution and evaluation of competence analysis

  • Team building workshops & events

  • Work organization and communication processes in the remote context 

  • Expertise: team and group dynamics, employee motivation and feedback culture 

  • Languages: German, English
  • BA educational sciences and psychology, MA adult education and life long learning (2019)





Management international NGO

Project management: coordination of finances, funding, communication and team structures


Rebekka Esther Frank

Rebekka is a certified trainer for body attention and perception. She supports her clients in paying closer attention to the signals and “words” of their bodies. That way, it’s possible to channel their energy to one focus spot and hence, achieve goals that seemed to be out of reach before. 



Skills & Qualifications

  • Rebekka mainly supports the following areas with personal body attention training:
    • Stress & Burnout
    • Anxiety & panic attacks
    • Physical pain
    • Physical and emotional trauma
  • Support for physical and emotional self-awareness
  • Development and implementation of activity-workshops as a measurement of workplace health management  
  • Languages: English, German, Spanish
  • Diploma in economics, Grinberg Method practitioner, member IAGMP (international association of Grinberg method practitioners)



Since 2015



Trainer for body awareness with Grinberg method

External advisor in the area of energy

Ecological researcher

Gabriel Escalona

Since Gab started his career he has always been most passionate about enabling people to achieve the success they deserve. Ever since he has been teaching various companies and individuals about digitalization and how to wow the customer. In the meantime he has experiences the effects of destructive management and leadership and now know about common mistakes.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Development and performance of workshops and trainings that put the customer into focus: “the employee as customer of the leader” to achieve better results and performance
    • Internal employer branding
    • Optimization of customer journey, - experience and story telling
    • Staff retention
  • Management of diversity and justice in non-balanced environments
  • Digitalization, startups, performance marketing, branding, corporate communication
  • Languages: Spanish, English, German
  • Diploma in Sound Engineering, Post Degree in Community Management, Certificates in Gamification, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics



2010 - 2016

2007 - 2010


Head of Marketing Department in various young, fast-growing technology companies

Sales & Marketing in various companies