Do-It-Yourself Teamworkshop Feedback

We all know that it’s not the easiest thing to provide critical feedback. We tend to feel uncomfortable giving it. One thing that promotes a feedback culture where people feel it’s ok to say something critical to someone is a team workshop. Consider it as a kick off meeting that let’s you discuss within your team what makes feedback effective. You’ll agree on common guidelines that will make everyone feel save to provide negative feedback because you agreed on it.

This ready to be held workshop-kit includes:

  • a one day workshop step-by-step guideline - you can also split it into 4 x 90 minutes

  • all needed work sheets

  • video instructions for the moderator

  • all materials for the moderator

  • the email template to send out the invitation.

99€ inCl. MwSt.

This investment will save you 3 days of work. In the time you would normally be looking for a trainer or coach, your team and you are already on the path to a more constructive feedback culture.

Your Benefits

Keine Vorbereitung

No Preparation

You will receive the finished concept, workshop plans and finished e-mail texts to invite your participants.

DIY Workshop Feedbackkultur ohne Trainer*in

No Trainer

You stay among yourselves & discuss the topic whenever it suits you. You are flexible & independent and can start right away.

Feedback Workshop.jpg


Once bought, you can use the DIY Workshop again and again. Whether for a new team or if your circumstances have changed.