Lea Böhm

Lea is considered a pioneer of new work and implementing it into company cultures. She guided countless companies on their way to a better culture, focussing particularly on leadership and team development.


Skills & Qualifications

  • Conceptualization of new methodologies in collaborative leadership and team development (do-it-yourself workshops)
  • Development and implementation of new work methods and techniques at various companies (leaders as team manager, team building with remote teams, development of vision statements, intrinsic motivation)
  • Designing and building employer brands, development of employer value propositions
  • Implementation and evaluation of team and team lead analyses
  • Expertise in startups, digitalization, new work
  • Languages : English, German


  • Degree in economics, sociology and politics
    Certified mediator
    Certified coach
    Member of the dvct (german association for coaches and trainers)



Since 2015

Since 2015

Since 2015


Since 2006

Founder of AllesRoger - business and product development for a digital leadership mentor                        

Chairman HR Startups at BVDS (association german startups)

CEO of BLS Venture Capital

Build-up HR department, team building, team development and the strategic planning of employer brand in young technology company

Responsible for finance and funding in various companies