Making your Meetings More Successful

They can be so boring - stressful - depressing - just a WASTE OF TIME! And still, we're all having them: Meetings.

Being responsible for holding a meeting puts you in to a great position. It's the position to make meetings more successful.

The online course is going to give you a good overview of success drivers for your meeting. Even if you feel your meetings are already great, the course might help you to put your knowledge into words and share it with your team. 

Invest 30 minutes of your time to save half a day of researching best practices. 

Your Benefits

Meeting efficiency learn anytime always open


 Start your learning journey whenever you want. You can access the course online, don't have to get in touch with a trainer or wait for an appointment.

Meeting efficiency quick and simple

Quick & Simple

You don't have to do research about best practices: you'll find everything in one place. It's a mix of videos, audio, pdf files and questions to answer. 

Meeting success for team

Share with Team

You can either share the course with your team directly or - if they have even less time - become the team's expert to watch over meeting quality.

Your Learnings

Instead of looking into 10 or twenty websites to filter out the ones that are relevant and really make a difference, you can start learning right away. We did not only do the research, we also bring years of experience to the table.  Benefit from best practices!

We paid attention to a method mix to make the course intereseting and interactive. Your 30-minutes-time investment is money well spend.


You will get an overview of the things you need to think about before having your meeting. You'll learn how to put together your agenda and who to invite.


You will learn what you are responsible for when you're the moderator. We'll give you some ideas for how to overcome usual challenges.


You will get an overview of what to do after your meeting and how to hold people responsible for the things they said they would take care of.


You will find a sample agenda, a work sheet to reflect your last meetings and a cheat sheet to have all your learnings at a glance.

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efficient meetings in just thirty minutes