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Our vision is to live in a working world
where everyone is empowered to choose
what they really, really want to do.

We believe...

Effective human collaboration is the key to productivity.

Good and non-violent communication can solve problems that otherwise seem impossible to resolve.

Work should be a choice not an obligation.

Staying true to your values should not be luxury.

In diversity lies innovation and power.


Through education, a flexible framework and innovative methods,
we help people to work on their own terms.


About AllesRoger

AllesRoger is the New Work Facilitator. We support companies to embed new work styles & methods into their culture. This creates ideal work environments that foster innovation and productive teams.

The key to productivity is cooperation. Companies that want to continue being successful in the future have to break with old thinking patterns and organizational structures. Hierarchies don’t provide sustainable solutions anymore. Companies that nourish the intrinsic motivation of their employees are the future. Leaders are turning into mentors. Soft-skills are turning into indispensable assets.

AllesRoger is setting new standards for leadership development. We teach methods that can be implemented into daily routines. Your leaders are perfectly prepared through our analyses, coaching and trainings  - both live and digital. We work with all teams and leaders who want to break with traditional hierarchies  & authority and implement new ways of working.

AllesRoger is focusing on the development of non-traditional leadership skills such as non-violent-communication (NVC), bottom-up and innovation management, design thinking, diversity and work-life-balance. With a multidisciplinary team, AllesRoger has supported numerous companies since 2015. Previous clients come from a wide range of industries including media, food manufacturing, tech-startups, company builders, among others.


How everything started...

Berlin-based AllesRoger is innovating the way teams work since July 2015. 

Lea (our Team Director) realized that it was rather common to be surrounded by unmotivated and frustrated workers. After working for more than 5 years in human resources in different companies (both corporate and startups) she decided to do something about it.

...it's as if being miserable at work is normal. If you are too happy, something got to be wrong with you.
Lea Böhm

Phrases like "No one cares about what I'am doing anyways, so it doesn’t really matter.” or “I could do it and I would, but that's not my job." were part of the routine.

For many of her co-workers, work was just a means to an end. Even though she was dissatisfied and unmotivated herself, Lea went back to work every morning hoping things would get better. Someone's got to pay the rent, right? At some point, it went so far that she got sick... really sick. This was her wake up call. As soon as she was fit enough to go back to the office, she arranged a meeting with her boss and quit.

This experience in human resources triggered a change. She attended classes during the weekend at the FU Berlin and started to educate herself as a business coach and mediator. In 2014, Lea worked as a freelancer coaching people full-time. Finally, in 2015 AllesRoger was founded in order to “have a bigger impact on the current work system”. Now she is working with leaders supporting them in the creation of frameworks for effective cooperation, human interaction & team work. That way, she hopes no one will have to quit their job anymore because “no one cares”.