Communication Training

  • Meeet 86 Chausseestraße Berlin, Berlin, 10115 Germany

Communication is everything that connects people. As soon as we look into someone's eyes, a communication channel is immediately established between us. This behavior is something we cannot avoid. However, we can learn how to use it effectively.

Today, most leaders agree that communication is key to success and yet, poor communication habits are still present in many organisation.

By understanding the mechanism behind communication we can gain an important professional advantage. Studies show that businesses who were found to communicate effectively were 50% more likely to have lower rates of employee turnover, improve customer satisfaction and project-success rates.

Join us for a five-hour intensive training and learn the underlying message behind communication.


Training Benefits

  • Learn how to communicate more effectively with others
  • Prevent constant misunderstanding
  • Become more secure and accurate in your communication


Training Content

1. Four-sides & Shannon-Weaver Model   

  • Understand the role of the sender and the receiver
  • Learn how every message is coded and decoded
  • Understand the mechanics behind communication

2. Questioning Techniques and I-Messages  

  • Get the tools you need to seek the information you really, really need
  • Learn to say what you really, really have in mind

3. Active & empathetic listening

  • Learn to connect and increase the trust in your team
  • Energise people through active listening
  • Negotiation and problem resolution: learn to understand what a person actually wants



  • 5 hours training (30% theoretical input, 70% learning by doing)



  • 10-12 participants
  • 180€ incl. VAT for private individuals
  • 220€ incl. VAT for company customers


The Location

Located at the heart of Berlin. Meeet provides a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere ideal for this training. The venue is easily reachable by U6 (Schwartzkopffstrasse), S41/S42 (Wedding) and bus 120.

Soft drinks and coffee will be provided during the training.

Don’t hesitate contacting us if you have any questions. We are happy to hear from you :-)

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